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Youverify helps companies automate their decisions, onboard the right customers and fight fraud using data

Building with Youverify OS

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Approve more customers

Acquire more customers without waiting around for traditional compliance systems. Youverify vForms onboarding lets you combine 300+ data sources into a single workflow and make automated decisions with accuracy.

Fraud mitigation

Effectively verifying individuals remotely can be daunting. That’s where our 5000+ data points and 2000+ field agents come in, to help companies securely and safely mitigate fraud and expensive financial risk.

Frictionless and
no-code customer onboarding with vForms

Collect customer information and verify their identities in one easy self service solution. It is an optimised & responsive user experience that provides optimised, safe and quick onboarding for your customers that is fully customised to fit and feel your existing onboarding flow.

Youverify OS

KYC-as-a Service

The Youverify operating system (OS) allows you to automate due diligence on one platform, in a convenient and the most effective way.

Case Management Portal

Single view case

All-in-one case management tool
Centralised case management, alerts, audit trail, and reporting

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Youverify Dashboard

Things you can do with the Youverify Operating system

We aggregate over 5000 data points into one platform to help businesses profile, acquire and screen customers with or without coding.

Report and analytics

Get key insights into your verifications with dashboards and reports giving you a holistic picture of your operation.

Intuitive Validation

Identify the mismatch data with ease without disrupting your operations.

Expansive Audit Trail

Comply with Personal identifiable information requirements, policies and regulations with our enterprise grade audit trail.

Enrich data set

More robust data designed to empower your team to work faster and better.

Data Control

You always have full control of your data and the power to determine which of your users can access or download it.

Reduce Addressing errors

Access to use our proprietary AddressPack addressing service to help you reduce addressing errors that globally mapping companies typically miss.

Getting started

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Optimized for security

With ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certifications, as well as a NITDA NDPR assessment, the security of your data is our top priority.

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