Customer Risk Assessment

Persistently Monitor Customer Risks with AI

Stay ahead of emerging financial crimes and cut fraud by over 70% with Youverify's AI-powered customer risk assessment solution. Leverage adaptive and dynamic risk assessments to stay on par with constantly changing financial fraud patterns for effective risk management.

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Real-Time Monitor Customer Risk

Access results from a wide range of data sources to real-time monitor emerging customer risks and make informed decisions to protect your business from fraud.

Build Elaborate Risk Scores

Our risk intelligence solution builds customer risk ratings and assigns a risk score based on data collected from a wide range of public, and private sources and risk factors. Automatically identify and monitor potentially risky customers.

Global Coverage

Leverage our robust risk intelligence solution to monitor customers globally.

Youverify Customer Risk Intelligence Solution Product Spotlight

Patent-Pending Intelligent AI

Our solution is powered by a patent-pending algorithm that consistently analyses data from a wide range of sources and risk factors to provide you with individually tailored customer risk scores.

Dynamic Risk Scoring

Improve your risk rating processes through our dynamic risk solution that monitors and analyses data from multiple sources and risk factors. These include the customer's countries or geographical areas, products, services, transactions, delivery channels, industry and historical alert data. Enjoy better accuracy over time through advanced machine learning.

Low False Positives

Organise and prioritise alerts based on your business needs to improve your overall compliance investigation process and cut down false positives by over 50%.

Alert and Reporting

Set up alerts and report triggers tailored to your business needs through continuous and on-demand risk scoring. Receive insightful updates on customer risks to stay ahead of compliance requirements.

Perform Customer Due Diligence with Actionable & Auditable Results

Enjoy insightful and accurate risk assessment with our patent-pending solution.


Get rid of the guesswork associated with risk assessment investigations through Youverify’s patent-pending AI-powered risk intelligence solution.


Youverify's risk intelligence solution offers transparent customer risk-scoring processes for easy review.

Full Audit Trail

Fully audit customer risk analysis results by accessing the breakdown of customer data that was collected and analysed.

Cutting Edge AI-Powered Technology to Enhance Your Risk Management Processes

Informed Decision Making

Our solution gives you a 360-degree view of customer risk, which will help you make better decisions.

Preset Rules

Comprehensive Risk Management

Seamlessly Integrate Your Tech Infrastructure with the Youverify OS

Integrate with Youverify OS via our plug-and-play SDKs or API to start enjoying our services today. The process is simple and easy to complete with 99.9% uptime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intelligence in Risk Management?

Risk intelligence simply refers to the solution that empowers businesses to constantly identify and mitigate/ contian the impact of risks on their operations. Businesses implement different risk intelligence strategies tailored to their compliance needs.

What is Customer Risk Analysis or Assessment?

What are the Common Customer Risk Factors?

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