KYT Pricing

Flexible pricing structure with no upfront cost.

How many customers would you like us to monitor for potential risks to your business?



Great for businesses that manages up to 1000 entities and needs more extended data storage.

This plan can only process up to 1000 entities at anytime.

All features in Start Up +

Persistent Risk Intelligence Monitoring+

API - Entity Creation

Bulk Upload - Entity Creation

Custom Watch List

6 months Data Retention

Report Download

Access to KYB

Access to KYC

Add Ons

Interact with our solution on third-party platforms

Assess your Customer risk directly within Salesforce to mitigate your business risk exposure

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Charges for Setup?

No, setting up and integrating with our tech infrastructure is totally free.

I Cannot Find all my Needs in one Plan, What do I do?

Can I Opt for Addons After Subscribing to a Plan?

What Happens if I do not meet the Minimum Number of Verification for my Plan?