KYC | Customer Credit Check

Automate Customer Credit Checks for Informed Decision Making

Our credit check solution helps businesses run credit reports on customers through their name and address only. Receive detailed reports including customer credit history and loans.

Instant & Accurate Credit Report & Score

Receive real-time customer credit scores and elaborate reports from verified credit bureau databases to make informed decisions.

Customer Risk Assessment

Accurately predict customer behaviours through elaborate credit reports and data. Instantly identify and separate high-risk from low-risk customers in your onboarding flow.

Global Coverage

Access credit data from databases across the 7 continents in the world. Perform credit checks for informed decision-making without any concerns for customer location and jurisdiction.

Perform Real-Time Customer Credit Checks for Risk Assessment

Fully Automatable

Automate your end-to-end customer application process. Establish preset actions that will be executed based on the customer credit check report.

Elaborate & Detailed Report

Receive detailed reports from customer credit checks including credit history, credit rating/ score, outstanding debts and more.

Individual Case Management System

Manage individual customer decisions through our user-friendly case management system. Set criteria for automatic case management transfer from which a decision can be made manually after review.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Tech Infrastructure with the Youverify OS

Integrate with Youverify OS via our plug-and-play SDKs or API to start enjoying our services today. The process is simple and easy to complete with 99.9% uptime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Customer Credit Check?

A customer credit check refers to an action that a lender - usually a financial institution - performs to assess the credit risk of a customer applying for a loan or to transact with the business platform.

How Do You Check a Customer's Credit Rating?

What Affects a Customer's Credit Score?

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