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Accurate Business Verification Solution for Nigeria

We provide identity verification in 200 countries globally, helping businesses with streamlined KYB Compliance and secure onboarding

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All-in-one KYB Provider

Our business verification solutions cater to various use cases, ensuring secure and compliant onboarding processes for businesses across industries

Business Verification

Take the first step of fraud prevention, Verify the identity of your customers in compliance with local and global laws.

AML Check

Stay ahead of potentially risky customers with our AI powered risk classification tool

Government KYB Check

Verify your customers against Global sanction and PEP lists to identify potentially risky or suspicious customers.

Business Verification

Detect suspicious transactions and flag them before they cause harm. Level up your anti money laundry compliance with our AI powered transaction monitoring and anti-money laundering solution.

How can Youverify Assist?

Youverify offers simple compliance solutions that help you classify customers by risk level, monitor and identify suspicious transactions, and verify customer identity in seconds. 
Using our PEP and sanction list search, you can verify politically exposed or high-risk individuals against various official blacklists, including sanctions, regulatory, law enforcement, and other relevant databases all over the world. 
Leverage our AI powered risk classification to identify potentially risky customers before they do harm, download individual or bulk reports for further analysis, and use our suspicious transaction reporting solution to report risky transactions in real time. 

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