Transaction Screening Solution

Satisfy Regulations & Protect Your Business Through Real-time Transaction Screening

Spot fraudulent transactions before they go through and satisfy compliance through our transaction screening solution.

How Youverify Transaction Screening Action Works

Transaction Initiation

The customer initiates a wire transfer transaction request


Satisfy Compliance

Informed Decision Making

Real-Time Transaction Screening

Screen customer transactions based on preset rules, risk levels, compliance lists and payment sources. Identify and block suspicious transactions in real-time.

Intelligent Adaptive AI Technology

Our adaptive AI memorizes all your decisions, resulting in fewer re-screening processes. Screen customer transactions while receiving lesser alerts and lower false positives.

Facilitate Payments with Low Risk

Seamlessly facilitate customer transactions in confidence. Our AI-powered system screens all relevant fields of a payment transaction including name, addresses, message, beneficiaries, countries and more. Red flags are flagged on the go.

Intelligent Name Matching & Compliance Alert

Receive real-time alerts on the outcome of transaction screening processes with low false positives through the power of our intelligent AI. Automatically identify and match customer names against watch and sanction lists.-

User-Friendly Case Management Platform

Our unified case management platform helps you track and manage every case to make informed decisions during investigations. Easily collaborate with your team on individual alerts with access to a comprehensive summary of screening results, fraud alerts, KYC and AML reviews.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Tech Infrastructure with the Youverify OS

Integrate with Youverify OS via our plug-and-play SDKs or API to start enjoying our services today. The process is simple and easy to complete with 99.9% uptime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transaction Screening?

Transaction screening involves verifying customer identities and real-time screening of their transactions to spot suspicious patterns.

Why is Transaction Screening Important?

What are Customer Transactions Screened Against?

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