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Fill a KYC form once and forever.

YOUID’s secure digital ID lets you safely store personal details in an encrypted format and use it to access online services securely without having to fill another KYC form anymore.

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Protect your personal identity with a secure digital ID

More opportunities with CredenceScore

More opportunities with CredenceScore

YOUID’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm computes your CredenceScore based on the level of confidence it has in your data without exposing or accessing your personal data. The beauty of CredenceScore is that the higher the score, the richer, wider and better offers you get from our marketplace.

Be sure with YOUID Secure

Be sure with YOUID Secure

Get notified when your password has been breached or your credentials are leaked by a third-party data breach. YOUID Secure continuously updates and collates reported data breaches and leakages globally. To check if any of your credentials have been breached, enable YOUID Secure for free on YOUID app.

Never get stranded with YOU ID Key

Never get stranded with YOU ID Key

All passwords can be forgotten, compromised or stolen. YOUID Key allows you to protect your passwords with a passwordless feature or a multi-factor authentication. The YOUID Key supports industry standards for time-based one-time passcodes (TOTP or OTP).

Increase Trustworthiness with AddressTrack

Increase Trustworthiness with AddressTrack

Address verification in Africa can be laborious, repetitive, expensive anad mundane for consumers and businesses. YOUID AddressTrack solves the problem of address verification by enabling consumers and YOUID users to verify their address(es) and securely store it on their digital ID - YOUID.

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