Gig Economy

Full Cycle Onboarding Solution for Gig Economy Platforms

Keep your customers safe. Prevent imposters from onboarding your gig economy platform.

1 sec

Average verification time


Certified legal experts

1 hour

Integration time

Scale Globally

Scale Globally

Welcome clients from all over the world with access to ID verification across 100+ countries.

Onboard More Traders at a Low Cost

Onboard More Traders at a Low Cost

Accelerate your onboarding process using our KYC solution in seconds. Get more clients at a reduced cost and achieve an error-free onboarding process.

Rapid and Seamless Trader Onboarding

Rapid and Seamless Trader Onboarding

Onboarding just got easier and faster when you onboard your traders with Youverify digital onboarding software.

Personalize your Verification Processes to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Standards.

Automate Your Transaction Monitoring Solution

Use automated financial transaction monitoring tools to identify any unusual or unexpected transactions by fraudulent traders. Establish traders' destination of funds using automated monitoring tools.

Monitor and Track Traders' Transaction

Satisfy Anti-Money regulatory requirements by Identifying suspicious behaviour that may indicate money laundering when you use Youverify's AML screening for compliance and risk detection on all your traders' transactions.

Detect High-Risk Customers Faster

Identify fraudulent traders by verifying their identities and the nature of their business using automated solutions with low error margins. Accurately access the criminal risk level of your prospective customer with robust risk profiling.

Conduct Customer Verification Process following AML Standard

Conduct proper customer due diligence processes using Youverify KYC solutions.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Tech Infrastructure with the Youverify OS

Integrate with Youverify OS via our plug-and-play SDKs or API to start enjoying our services today. The process is simple and easy to complete with 99.9% uptime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are KYC and AML for Traders?

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) are the regulations which directly impact client onboarding for brokerages. KYC for traders is the important process of verifying the identity of a trader when opening an account. Brokers are mandated to conduct customer identification and due diligence procedure to prevent onboarding a highly risky customer. On the other hand, due to the large sum of money and frequent heavy money transactions brokers are often involved in on behalf of their customers globally, they are at high risk of money laundering. Consequently, there are strict AML/CFT regulations in place to curb money laundering and terrorist financing.

Why are KYC and AML Compliance Important for Traders?

What is the best way to Achieve Compliance for Traders?

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