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Simplify compliance data acquisition and verification from over 160 authoritative data sources without coding

Building with vForms

Approve more customers

Acquire more customers without waiting around for traditional compliance systems. Youverify vForms onboarding lets you combine 300+ data sources into a single workflow and make automated decisions with accuracy.

Data Driven

Make data-driven
credit decision

Youverify vforms allows you to digitise your credit decision into data drive, clean and customisable workflows that can be set up and optimised without a single line of code. You’ll get the most reliable insight about your customer allowing you to make the best credit offering, while mitigating risk to your business.


Comply with data
regulations seamlessly

Data privacy and protection is inbuilt into vForm allowing you to capture and save consent; securely archive and retrieve PIIs,

Manage vForms on a Dashboard

Custom-made features for seamless compliance workflow

No-code workflows

Intuitive and beautiful interface

Integration and Developer-friendly

Scalability and Security built-in

Real-time analytics


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