Driver's license verification is a process that involves confirming the validity and authenticity of an individual's driver's license. Driver's license verification is typically performed by organizations or entities that require proof of a valid driver's license from individuals. Such organizations or entities include employers, government agencies, or service providers.

The driver's license verification process may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific requirements of the organization conducting the verification. However, it often involves verifying information such as the driver's license number, issue and expiration dates, and the issuing authority. This can be done by physically inspecting the driver's license, comparing it to a database of valid licenses, or through online verification systems provided by relevant authorities. In this article, we shall focus specifically on driver's license verification online.

Why Driver's License Verification? 

Driver's license verification serves several purposes, including ensuring compliance with legal requirements, confirming the identity of an individual, and assessing eligibility for certain privileges or services that may require a valid driver's license. It helps organizations mitigate risks associated with fraudulent licenses, identify individuals with a history of traffic violations or suspensions, and make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

It is important to note that the specific procedures and regulations related to driver's license verification can vary significantly between countries. Therefore, it is crucial to consult the relevant authorities or legal resources to understand the specific requirements and processes applicable to a particular situation. Our geographic focus in this article will be Nigeria.


Driver's License Verification In Nigeria


To be able to drive freely on Nigerian roads, having a genuine driver's license is mandatory, amongst other things. The Federal Road Safety Commission is the agency of the Federal Government saddled with the responsibility of issuing, renewing and verifying the authenticity of driver's licenses in Nigeria.

Due to the mandatory requirement of a driver's license for all persons that drive, some people illegally obtain their driver's license through proxies. This has led to the proliferation of fake driver's licenses. The major reason for driver's license verification is to ascertain the genuineness and authenticity of driver's licenses.


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Step By Step Guide To Online Driver's License Verification In Nigeria 


Below are the steps to be taken for online verification of a driver's license in Nigeria: 

1. Visit  and click on the drop-down menu to sign in if you have already created an account. If you do not have an account, simply click on "sign up" on the homepage.

2. Upon signing up, you will receive an email from FRSC NDLV Portal asking you to confirm your account. Click on the link in the email to confirm your registration.

3. Log onto the dashboard on the Nigeria Driver's License Verification (NDLV) portal with your login details upon successful confirmation.

4. On your dashboard, fill out the verification form accordingly.

5. Proceed to upload both the front and back images of your driver’s license.

6. Next, upload a scanned letter explaining why you need to have your driver’s license verified.

7. After that, select the valid government-issued identification document you possess by clicking on “Applicant’s proof of identification”. Next, proceed to upload the proof of identity.

8. Then select “Drivers License Verification” from the list of alternatives by clicking on “Request type”.

9. Select “Nigeria” from the drop-down menu by clicking on “Receiving Country”.

10. Then, provide the email address of the recipient. Provide the recipient's address and phone number as well.

11. At the “Shipping and Payment” section, enter the shipping location where you want your validated request to be sent by clicking on “Shipping Details”


12. Choose your desired delivery option by clicking on “Delivery Option” (Courier Service, Pickup at FRSC RSHQ, or Digital Copy)

Continue by filling out “Payment Details”

13. By clicking “Save and Continue to Pay,” submit the verification request.


Achieving Online Drivers Verification With Youverify


Performing online driver's license verification via the FRSC portal is both tedious and takes time before you receive feedback. With Youverify on the other hand, you can perform immediate online drivers verification by following the process below: 


  • Sign up on the Youverify OS and login to your account
  • On the left side dashboard, navigate to “Customer Verification” and select driver's license from the available options. 
  • License number, name and other information requested
  • Click “Verify” and you will immediately receive a response, confirming the authenticity of the driver's licence or not.


The solution is also available for integration via API and fully customisable for end-to-end compliance to suit business needs. Request a demo today to see how it works.


Documents Needed For Online Driver's License Verification


The following documents will be required in the course of online driver's license verification:


1. The driver's license to be verified

2. A letter of request explaining the reasons for the verification.

3. A valid government-issued means of identification 


By following the step-by-step guide provided above, one can easily carry out a driver's license verification online.


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