An international passport in Nigeria serves not only as a travel document but as a means of identification in financial transactions and official documentation. If you are looking to obtain an international passport in Nigeria, it's essential to understand the application process and the estimated time it takes to complete the procedure. 

In this article, we will give a step-by-step guide to applying for a Nigerian international passport and explore the typical timeframe involved.


How To Apply For A Nigerian International Passport


Follow the steps below to apply for a Nigerian international passport: 


Step 1: Visit the Nigerian Immigration Portal:


Access the home page of the Nigerian Immigration Portal to begin the application process.


Step 2: Select the Application Form:


Choose the appropriate application form: E-passport Application Form or MRP-passport application form.


Step 3: Choose Passport Type:


Select either "standard e-passport" or "official e-passport" and click the "Start application" button.


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Step 4: Fill out the Application Form:


Provide the required info in the application form.


Step 5: Submit the Application:


Click the "submit application" button to view the "applicant details page."


Step 6: Proceed to Online Payment:


Click on "Proceed to online payment."


Step 7: Select Payment Currency:


Choose to pay in Nigerian Naira or US Dollars.


Step 8: Payment Method:


a) Paying at a Bank:

  • Select "Bank" and continue.
  • View the list of participating banks and click on "Continue."
  • Print the "Payment Acknowledgment Slip" with the Transaction ID, Application ID & Reference Number.
  • Make the payment at the bank and obtain an "approved payment platform provider" receipt with a Validation Number.

b) Paying through Credit/Debit Card:

  • Select "Credit/Debit card" and continue.
  • Fill in your login credentials, proceed to the payment portal, and make the payment.
  • Save the generated Validation Number.


Step 9: Confirmation of Payment:


  • Use the Validation Number to confirm the payment on the NIS portal.
  • Enter the Passport Application ID and Reference Number.
  • Retrieve the Applicant's Details page and note the interview date.
  • Print the Receipt or Acknowledgement Slip for the interview.


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How Long Does It Takes To Obtain An International Passport In Nigeria?


The processing time for an international passport in Nigeria generally ranges from three to six weeks. However, it is crucial to note that various factors can influence the processing time, including the efficiency of the immigration office, the volume of applications, and administrative considerations.


How to Print Your Receipt and Passport Guarantor's Form During Nigerian International Passport Application


Follow the steps below to print your receipt and passport guarantors form for your Nigerian international passport application:


  • To print the NIS e-Receipt:
  • Visit the portal home page and click on the "Query your application payment status" link.
  • Select "Passport" as the application type.
  • Enter the Application ID, Reference Number, and Validation Number (if applicable).
  • Submit the details and click on "Print receipt" to obtain a copy.
  • To generate the Passport Guarantor's Form:
  • Visit the Nigeria Immigration Service's home page.
  • Enter the reference and ID number from the acknowledgement slip.
  • Print out the first and second pages of the form.


Bottom Line


Obtaining an international passport in Nigeria is a process that involves several steps, including application submission, payment, and verification. The estimated processing time for an international passport is typically three to six weeks, although this may vary based on various factors. It is advisable to keep informed about the current requirements and procedures by contacting the Nigerian Immigration Service or the passport office directly.


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