Know Your Employee (KYE) is a crucial part of any business for so many reasons, and it is important to understand why. From securing the business from potential reputational harm and fraudulent employees, KYE ensures that only low-risk, qualified, and experienced employees are hired. 

This article examines 5 important reasons why you need to know your employees, discussing why KYE is important to the growth of your business. 

What is Know Your Employee (KYE)?

KYE refers to the processes businesses undergo to verify the identities, employment history, professional certification and other information provided by employees or candidates for employment.

To ensure safety and security in the workplace, it is essential to know your employees. This includes their backgrounds and experience, as well as verifying their identities. Performing KYE checks on employees and potential employees before employment ensures that you are able to access the individual risks they pose.


Important KYE checks to carry out include: 



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5 Important Reasons You Need To Know Your Employees


Some of the most important reasons why you need KYE includes:


1. Safeguard Business Data


Performing KYE means that businesses are able to adequately assess potential employees before onboarding and giving them access to business data to perform their job. Business data in the hands of a fraudulent or inexperienced employee could be detrimental to the business in a matter of hours. 


2. Avoid Lawsuits and Fines


Hiring employees with criminal records or fake qualifications may expose the business to certain lawsuits. This happens especially when such an individual is employed in a sensitive position that requires certain qualifications and experience to qualify for. 


3. Reduces Financial Risks

Complying with KYE regulations helps to reduce the financial risks associated with hiring high-risk employees. High-risk employees are prone to giving false information like addresses, names, qualifications and more. More often than not, they also have criminal records. 

4. Properly Verify and Onboard New Hires/ Existing Employees

KYE helps institutions adequately identify new hires (and automatically verify them) as well as onboard current employees into their assigned roles. This ensures that all their information checks out before they fully resume as staff of the company. 


5. Reduces Cost 


KYE speeds up the hiring process by identifying the most suitable candidates based on risk level, qualifications and trustworthiness. 


Bottom Line

Carrying out Know Your Employee procedures on candidates before hiring is important because it helps secure the business in the long term. 

KYE verifies a candidate's identity, ensuring they are who they claim to be. This ensures that the business does not hire a fraudulent candidate. It also verifies the professional certifications and employment history of the individual to ascertain their competence.  


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