What is PSiRA Online Services App?


The PSIRA online service app is a digital platform provided by PSIRA to offer convenient and efficient services to its stakeholders. The app allows individuals and businesses operating in the private security industry to access various services and information online. 


Users can use the app to apply for security industry registrations, renewals, and upgrades, as well as make payments and check the status of their applications. Additionally, the app provides access to relevant news, updates, and resources related to the private security industry in South Africa. 


Overall, the PSIRA online service app aims to streamline processes, enhance transparency, and provide a user-friendly experience for those involved in the private security sector.


What are the Features of PSiRA Online Service App?


The features of the PSIRA online service app indicates the benefits of the app. The PSIRA online service app has the following features:


  1. The app allows security providers to book services with PSIRA online booking management system.
  2. The PSIRA online service app allows users to get notifications on news on the Private Security Industry.
  3. The app permits users find PSIRA physical offices with the easy navigation system.
  4. The PSIRA online service app permit users to view the status of security providers, individual security officers and company.
  5. The app allows for interaction with PSIRA using social media platforms like Facebook and twitter.
  6. With the PSIRA app downloaded, users can learn more on PSIRA services and register with the regulator.
  7. The app also provide the Act of using PSIRA document management system


The PSIRA app will have many features that will be added to it in the nearest future, but for now, here are the features of the PSIRA online service app.


Users should also know that some of  the PSIRA app require internet access to function, and if unavailable, user may not be able to get the full function of the app.




Get answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQ) On PSiRA App here:


1. Where should I go to collect my PSiRA certificate?

You can collect your PSiRA certificate at the nearest PSiRA branch, except for the head office. Don't forget to bring your ID book for the initial collection.


2. How long does it typically take for a PSiRA application to receive approval? 

The average processing time for a PSiRA application is 12 working days. It's important to note that this duration excludes weekends and public holidays, so please keep that in mind when anticipating the approval timeframe.


3. Is there a way to obtain the PSiRA individual registration form without visiting a PSiRA branch? 

Absolutely! You can easily access the PSiRA individual registration form without the need to visit a branch. Simply visit the PSiRA website at www.psira.co.za, navigate to the publications section, scroll down to downloads, and select the registration form that suits your requirements.


4. How can I find out if my PSiRA application has been approved? 

To check the status of your PSiRA application, you have two options. Firstly, you can contact our customer care line at 086 133 3850, providing your ID number for assistance. 


Alternatively, you can visit our website at www.psira.co.zawhere on the far right of the home screen, you can access the online verification feature. Enter your ID number, complete the "I'm human" verification, and click submit to check the status of your application. You can also do your PSIRA online verification process for individuals and busiesses.


5. Can my PSiRA certificate be sent to me via post?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have your PSiRA certificate mailed to you. Our systems require the owner's fingerprint for printing the certificate, making it necessary for you to visit our offices in person. We are here to assist you, so kindly make the trip to our offices for the required fingerprinting and certificate collection process.


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