Youverify primarily focuses on developing innovative products that would continue to push the boundaries of possibilities regarding KYC, AML, and overall fraud mitigation across Africa. This has been our constant driving force, dictating how we work and the amazing services we offer. 


We live in a technology-driven world where data has become as important as ever and although this comes with several benefits, it also comes with high risks. Our digital identity has become just as important as our physical identity, especially in the business world where most transactions are done online and the risks surrounding digital identity are enormous. 


Data verification, precisely identity verification, has long been touted as the way forward to facilitate business innovations while keeping fraud risks minimal and we exist to make that expectation a reality. 

Today, Youverify offers Africa’s Number one identity verification service and innovations that have transformed the data verification industry as we know it. We would be sharing our innovations with the world at VivaTech 2022 at Orange booth starting tomorrow, the 15th of June 2022. 


Some of our industry-leading services include: 


1. AI-Powered Identity Verification


Our flagship product, Youverify Operating System or YV OS offers the most reliable and rapid identity verification services across Africa. With YV OS, businesses can perform KYC, biometrics verification, fraud detection, and Anti Money Laundering checks in seconds. It does this through the power of AI and by leveraging data from over 300+ independently verifiable sources across the globe. 


Amazingly, YV OS also offers a no-code customer onboarding option with vForms. Read on to find out how it works! 


2. vForms


Identity verification processes using AI automation sound all well and good, until you realise that the business still needs to manually collect data from customers before running them through the AI tool. This means that although the identity verification process is completed within seconds, data collection is still manual and takes lots of time and resources. Identifying this gap in the industry, we developed a feature on YV OS, called vForms.


vForms is a no-code tool that allows businesses to manage and verify customer data. Think of it as a google form that can be designed to demand specific customer data and verified them on the go. This way, data collection and verification from customers are automated to give the business an overall more efficient and cost-effective KYC process. 

3. Mobile Phone Number KYC Onboarding

Mobile phone numbers are known to be useful for OTP codes during registrations. Realising its enormous potential to simplify KYC processes, we developed a feature that allows businesses to do exactly that. With our phone number KYC onboarding service, you only need to provide a customer’s phone number and our AI would pull out the rest of their data from our 300+ independently verifiable data sources. 

This way, you can complete KYC onboarding using nothing but their phone numbers, and do so in seconds. Our phone number KYC onboarding has transformed the landscape of customer due diligence, helping businesses improve their overall onboarding efficiency. 

4. Free Address Data Enrichment


Recently added, address data enrichment is a free service we offer to businesses. Created using Youveirfy’s address pack, the idea is the fact that businesses can make use of it when collecting address data from customers. Our address pack helps businesses auto-complete cities to ensure 100% resolution and prevent the collection of fake addresses. 


This solves the problem of customers providing fake or unverified addresses to businesses when filling out KYC forms and mitigates fraud as well as satisfies compliance requirements. 

For example, a business looking to collect customer addresses using online or offline forms could easily be fooled by a customer providing a fake address because the data is not verifiable on the spot. Our free address data enrichment service could be used instead, mandating customers to pick from a list of already verified addresses. It also has an autocomplete function, suggesting the nearest verified address options as customers fill in their details. 

Youverify is the only provider of this service in Africa and it is absolutely free! 


Rounding Up 


Youverify is at the forefront of identity tech and innovation in Nigeria and across Africa. Our industry solution-driven services have helped simplify customer due diligence, KYC onboarding and compliance for businesses, transforming the data verification landscape in Africa along the way. 


Have questions or need further proof on how we can help your business too? Book a session with our sales team today!