Access Bank Plc (now merged with Diamond Bank) is a commercial Bank in Nigeria that is part of a financial conglomerate, Access Bank Group.  Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, it is present in 6 African countries and the United Kingdom.


You may have an account with Access Bank and need to check your BVN. If you do not know how to, and would rather not go to a bank to get it, this article is for you!


What is a BVN?


BVN, an acronym for Bank Verification Number, is an exclusive 11-digit number assigned to bank customers by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). It is generated by a biometric identification system built by the CBN in 2014 in collaboration with the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS). The motivation for developing the system was the incremental spikes in the breach of traditional security systems (such as PINs and passwords). These compromises led to an immense demand for tighter security over sensitive, personal information in the banking system.

In the BVN system, every customer is allotted a unique identity number verifiable across the Nigerian Banking industry. Because of its role in curbing fraudulent activities in the system, it has become mandatory for every Nigerian with a Bank account. In fact, you cannot even open an account without a BVN.

The delicate nature of the issue of the BVN makes it really important to you as a customer. This is especially because if you own multiple accounts, you will have all of them linked to the same BVN. As a result of this, many people tend to write down their BVN and some even end up forgetting where they wrote it. Hence, there is a need for quick ways to access your BVN without having to go to a bank.

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How do I Check my BVN on Access Bank?


There are different ways to check your BVN within the comfort of your time and space, thanks to how versatile fintech has become. 


How to Check BVN on Access Bank Via USSD Code


Every telecom operator in Nigeria provides this service. However, for you to successfully check your BVN, the USSD code must be dialled using whatever line your BVN is registered with. What it means is that if, for instance, your BVN is registered with an MTN line, you cannot check the BVN using a Glo line. Having this at the back of your mind, you can now proceed to check your BVN using the following steps:

  1. Dail *565*0# on your phone.
  2. Wait for a few seconds for NIBSS to display your 11-digit unique number. You can then copy it for immediate use or save it for later.

Note: this is not a free service. A service fee of N20 will be deducted from your phone account balance for each check you make, so you must be sure to have sufficient airtime before starting the process.

As an Access Bank user, you can also check for your BVN using the Bank’s USSD Banking platform. Simply dial *901# on the line you opened your Access Bank account with. Follow the instructions suit and you’ll see your BVN in no time.


How to Check BVN on Access Bank Via SMS


This is another quite easy method to use. Just as with USSD Banking, the SMS must be sent from the phone number linked to your Access Bank account. Simply send BVN [Your Account Number] to 20121; that is, ‘20121’ is the recipient of the message. For example: send “BVN 0134567654” to 20121.


How to Check BVN on Access Bank Via Access Bank Mobile App


If you have an internet-enabled phone, then this method will come in handy on several occasions.  First, you should have downloaded the Access Bank Mobile app from either Apple Store or Google Play Store. Once the app is installed, you should register for Access Bank Mobile Banking. 


Following the registration, log into the app which will display your account details and balance. Once you are in, take the following simple steps to access your BVN:


  1. Click on the Profile option.
  2. Select ‘Show details’.

Your BVN will be displayed as well as your email and the phone number your BVN is linked to.


How to Check BVN on Access Bank Via Whatsapp Banking


As a smartphone user, another quick way to get your BVN on Access Bank is by communicating with them via Whatsapp. The Access Bank Whatsapp line is 09090901901. Simply save the number to your contacts and send them a regular message on Whatsapp. Then you should follow the steps provided to get your BVN.


You will be required to provide some information before the BVN is sent to you.


How to Check BVN on Access Bank Via Customer Support


If the channels discussed above fail you, you can reach out to Access Bank customer care and request your BVN. You may be required to provide certain details, after which they will send you your BVN.


According to their official website, they can be reached through calls on 0700CallAccess (07002255222377), 07003000000, +234 1-2712005-7, +234 1-2802500. They are also reachable on social media platforms namely TwitterFacebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


How to Check BVN on Access Bank Via branches nearest to you


This should be your last resort, having tried all other methods. Go to the nearest Access bank branch to you and make the request. To confirm that you truly own the account, you will be asked to provide certain information.

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How do I link my mobile number to my BVN?


You may have tried some of the methods above and did not achieve success because your line is not linked with your BVN. For instance, if you dialled the USSD code from a phone line that is not linked with your BVN, you are likely to get a prompt that reads thus:


“Sorry, your phone number is not enrolled on the BVN platform. Please contact your bank for further assistance.”


The implication is that though you have a BVN, it is not linked with your Access Bank account; that is, the phone line your account is registered with.


You can link your BVN to your Access Bank account using the following methods:


1. SMS 


Simply text BVN [your account number] and [BVN number] to 20121. For example: send “BVN 0567789043 24354657687” to 20121 )


2. Internet Banking 


- Login on the Internet Banking platform for Access Bank

- Select the Service Requests Menu
- Select Initiate Service Request
- Select Link BVN

You can also visit a nearby Access Bank branch to get it done.


What if I don’t even have a BVN?


Enrolling for a BVN has evolved to become a very seamless process. With Access Bank, the procedure is simplified into the following steps:


  • Visit any Access Bank branch.
  • Pick up and fill out the BVN Enrollment form.
  • Your biometric information (photograph, fingerprint and signature) will be captured.
  • You will be given a ticket ID. Make sure you keep it safe – until the entire process is completed.
  • Within 24 hours, your BVN should be sent to your registered mobile number (that is, the phone number linked to your bank account).


Bottom Line


The Banking Industry remains one of the most sensitive sectors as far as the issue of fraud is concerned. The introduction and implementation of BVN by the CBN/NIBSS have gone a long way to curb fraudulent activities by shielding customers’ bank accounts from unauthorized access as well as taking of the issue of identity theft. In addition to these, it has increased the efficacy of banking operations across the country and also helps to catch blacklisted customers.  

Finally, as a customer, your BVN is recognized as a means of identification by all banks in Nigeria.

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