The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a unique identification number issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to individuals for banking and financial transactions. It serves as a means of verifying and authenticating customers' identities across different banks. Thus, it plays a significant role in preventing fraud and enhancing security. If you're a UBA (United Bank for Africa) account holder and need to check your BVN, this article will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide.


Why Do You Need To Know And Secure Your BVN?


As earlier stated, the Bank Verification Number (BNV) is a unique identification system introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to enhance security, promote transparency, and curb fraud in the banking industry. It is a 10-digit biometric identification number that serves as a universal identifier for individuals across all banks operating in Nigeria. 


The BVN captures an individual’s biometric data such as fingerprints and facial features, as well as personal information like name, date of birth, and correct details. This comprehensive identification system ensures that each bank customer has a distinct and verifiable identity, reducing the risk of identity theft, fraudulent activities, and unauthorized access to banking services. 


The BVN has become a vital requirement for various banking transactions, including opening new accounts, obtaining loans, conducting large transactions, and verifying customer information. By linking an individual’s financial information to their biometrics, the BVN plays a pivotal role in promoting financial inclusion, streamlining banking operations, and safeguarding the integrity of the Nigerian banking system. 


What Are The Prerequisites To Check Your BVN On UBA?


United Bank for Africa (UBA) is a leading financial institution in Africa, offering a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and governments. With its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, UBA has established a strong presence across the continent and has expanded its operations to several countries beyond Africa’s borders. 

Renowned for its commitment to innovation, customer service, and corporate social responsibility, UBA has earned a reputation as a trusted and progressive bank, driving economic growth and financial inclusion across Africa. 

The prerequisites for checking your BVN on UBA include:

1. UBA Account: 

You must have an active account with United Bank for Africa (UBA) to check your BVN. The BVN is linked to your UBA account, so you need to be a UBA customer to access this information.

2. Mobile Phone: 

You will need a mobile phone with network coverage to send an SMS and receive the response containing your BVN. Ensure that your phone has sufficient battery and is functioning properly. 

3. SMS Service: 


Make sure your mobile phone has SMS (Short Message Service) capabilities enabled. Check with your mobile service provider if you are unsure or facing issues with sending or receiving SMS messages.

4. Sufficient Balance or SMS Plan: 


Ensure that you have enough balance on your mobile phone or an active SMS plan that covers the cost of sending the SMS message to retrieve your BVN. Standard SMS charges may apply, so make sure you are aware of any associated costs.

It's important to note that the BVN is specific to individual banks, and while this guide focuses on checking BVN on UBA, it may vary for other banks. Therefore, having an account with UBA is a key prerequisite for checking your BVN through the UBA platform. Check out our article here to know what to do if you are banking with another financial institution apart from UBA. 


Step-by-step Guide To Retrieve Your BVN on UBA


Here is a detailed step-by-step approach for how to check your BVN on UBA: 

Step 1: Prepare Your Mobile Phone:


Ensure that your mobile phone is charged and has a working SMS application. You'll be using this to send an SMS to UBA's shortcode. Also, confirm that there is network coverage on your phone. 


Step 2: Compose a New SMS:


Open your SMS application and create a new message. You can usually find this option in your phone’s main menu or on the home screen. 


Step 3: Type the BVN  request Message:


In the message body, type "BVN" followed by a space. Then, enter your 11-digit UBA account number. Make sure to input the account number accurately to receive the correct BVN. it is essential to enter the correct keyword to initiate the BVN retrieval process. As such, double-check the account number to ensure accuracy, as an incorrect account number may lead to an unsuccessful BVN retrieval.

Step 4: Send the SMS:


Once you have entered your UBA account number in the message, send the SMS to the shortcode "20123". This shortcode is specifically designated for BVN inquiries and will ensure that your message reaches the appropriate system for processing. Take note that standard SMS charges may apply, so ensure you have a sufficient balance or an appropriate SMS plan.

Step 5: Wait for the Response:


After sending the SMS, patiently wait for a response. UBA’s system will process your request and send an SMS back to your mobile phone with your BVN. This response typically arrives within a few minutes, but it may take longer during periods of high network activity. In case of any delay, ensure that you have a stable network connection.

Step 6: Review and save Your BVN


When you receive the response message containing your BVN, carefully review the numbers to ensure their accuracy. The BVN is an essential piece of information, so it is crucial to keep it confidential and secure. Consider saving the BVN in a secure location or storing it digitally for easy reference when needed. 

Step 7: Safeguard Your BVN:


Once you have received your BVN, it is vital to treat this information as confidential. Store it securely and avoid sharing it with unauthorized individuals or responding to unsolicited requests for your BVN.


What Other Alternative Method Can You Use To Retrieve Your BVN From UBA?


The answer is simple. Visit a UBA Branch. If you prefer a more personal approach or encounter any difficulties with the SMS method, you can visit any UBA branch. At the branch, approach a bank representative and request assistance in checking your BVN. They will guide you through the necessary steps and verify your account details and identity to provide you with your BVN. 


Read here for more tips on alternative ways of checking your BVN. 


Bottom Line


Checking your BVN on UBA is a straightforward process that can be accomplished through an SMS or by visiting a UBA branch. Your BVN is an essential piece of information that serves as a unique identifier, promoting secure and authentic banking transactions. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can easily access your BVN and ensure the verification of your identity for seamless banking experiences with UBA. Remember to keep your BVN confidential and be cautious of any suspicious requests for this sensitive information.  


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