The National identity card or National Electronic Identity Card (e-ID card) is the ultimate proof of your identity in Nigeria. However, despite how important it is, there are currently a good number of Nigerians who haven’t obtained theirs. After a little research, we discovered that most people have either registered in the past or know where to register, and the issue is rather in knowing “how to check if my National Identity card is ready”. As a result, we have put together this article to ensure you have the right info to get your most valuable identity card in Nigeria.



What is a National ID card?


A National ID card is a chip-based card that is issued to individuals who are legitimate citizens of Nigeria. It is strictly available to Nigerians with a National Identification Number (NIN), although it used to be available for all before NIN was passed into law. NIN is issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMIC). After obtaining your NIN, and proceeding to register, you can proceed to check whether your card is ready for collection and activation. This card is requested across different registrations like during loan applications, making it important for citizen.


This process was very hectic and time-consuming a few years ago, but technology has revolutionized the process, allowing you to complete it in just a few steps.

You can read more on how to apply for NIN registration online


How to check if my National ID card is ready in Nigeria?


Checking if your National ID card is ready is just a matter of completing a few steps online. Simply follow the process below:

  • Open your preferred browser on your smartphone or computer (we recommend Chrome)
  • Log on to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMIC) website
  • At the top of the website, navigate to the “+ Our Services” tab and select “+ The e-ID Card” from the drop-down menu. After that, click on “e-ID Card Issuance”  simply visit the official e-ID Card Issuance page.
  • Check the status of your card at the link provided near the bottom of the page or follow this link here.
  • Provide your information requested on the page. This usually includes your first, last name, and NIMIC check trading ID
  • Click the “Check Now” button
  • The system would present you with the latest update regarding your e-ID status
  • If the system informs you that your card is ready, you can visit any activation centre to collect your ID.




You can wait till your receive an SMS from NIMIC and visit the collection centre you enrolled, where you would be requested to present the SMS sent to you. Do ensure you take your NIN/ Transaction slip along and take note of the Batch ID on the SMS. Although this is an easier answer to the question “How to check if my National Identity card is ready”, it mostly takes more time.


How do I collect my National ID card in Nigeria?


After confirming whether your National Identity card is ready or not, the next step is to proceed to collect it. However, there are two ways to achieve this: physical collection and using the NIMC Mobile ID App. Read on to find out how you can go about both.


Physical collection of National ID card in Nigeria


After confirming it is ready, visit the collection centre you enrolled in. Keep in mind that you would require the Batch ID number sent through SMS and a 4 digit PIN. Simply follow the steps below:


  • Visit the NIMIC ID collection centre you enrolled in and present the text message or email printout you received from NIMIC. This should include the batch ID.
  • An officer would make use of the batch ID number from your SMS to seek out your e-ID.
  • After sorting and clearance, the officer would present you with an envelope containing your card to confirm the names and address on it is yours.
  • If the details are correct, you would be then advised to open the envelope and confirm the names, date of birth, images, and address on the card before activation.
  • After confirming the details above, the agent collects the e-ID from you to perform a Match-on-Card (MOC) Verification.
  • After the verification, the officer would proceed to activate 5 of the 13 applets on the card.
  • The officer would return the National e-ID card to you after completing the activation.


How to use the NIMC Mobile ID App for collecting National ID card in Nigeria


Wondering if there is a way you can get your NIN card online? yes there is and we would be running you through how to do so through the NIMC Mobile ID app since it was launched some years back.


Simply follow the process below:

  • Ensure you uninstall any previous Beta versions of the NIMC MWS mobile app that you may have on your phone.
  • Download the NIMIC Mobile ID app from NIMIC’s official website alone and not from any other site for security reasons.
  • Login with your NIMIC details.
  • Click on the “Show My ID” button and the app would display your virtual card and verification QR code. You can also tap on the e-ID digital image to flip it over so you can see the back.
  • You can control how much of your details are displayed on the e-ID digital image by clicking on either the “Full ID” or “Basic ID” buttons at the bottom of the image.
  • When done selecting your preferences, click the refresh button in the “Show My ID” section of the NIMC app to update your information through a secure connection to the NIMC database.
  • Proceed to tender your e-ID digital image where wherever you may need to.


Moving around with your National ID card


We all know the stress associated with obtaining a national ID card. As a result, the card getting lost is one of the most painful things that could happen. Re-issuance is both expensive and stressful, therefore, it is important that you secure your card. When you carry it around where ever you go, the chances of misplacing it are high. Youverify’s digital wallet app, YOU ID, can help you carry your card information around without carrying the card itself.


  • All you need to do is download the app and register
  • Proceed to register and login with your details
  • Store the details of all your National ID on the app and apply a 2-factor authentication for maximum security
  • From then on, you can tender your National ID where ever you may need to especially online channels without always having to copy the details of the card or carry it everywhere you do.


The app works for all identity documents and is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store for download. Watch this video to understand exactly how the YOU ID app can secure your Identity: 



Download YOU ID app today!



What are the functions of the National e-ID card?


The e-ID card contains 13 applets, 5 of which are pre-activated during collection. These qualities give the card the following functions:

  • Electronic identity information (e-ID) verification
  • Verification: Match-on-Card
  • EMV Payment
  • Electronic Public Key Infrastructure (ePKI) for security
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for travels


Besides these features, the National ID card is Nigeria’s primary means of identification for citizens and legal indigenes above age 16.


How much does a Nigerian National ID card cost?


According to news released by the government, the first issuance of a National e-ID card is free. However, subsequent replacements and renewal would attract a fee of N5000.


Where will I pick up my National e-ID Card?


You are to pick up your e-ID card at the centre where you registered in the first place for maximum ease. If you want to pick it up at another centre, you would need to request that it is transferred to the place which could take months.


What is the National Identification Number (NIN)?


The National Identification Number or more popularly known as NIN is an 11-digit unique number that’s assignable to all legal residents and citizens of Nigeria. These 11-digits are indicated on your National ID and also connected to your mobile phone number and bank accounts.


What is NIN used for?


The government of Nigeria uses NIN to sort, establish and consolidate all records of an individual into the National Identity Database. This applies to both indigenes and legal residents in order to verify their identities.


Is National ID card the same as NIN?


No, National ID card and NIN are not the same. A National ID card can only be issued to NIN holders from age 16 and above who are registered in Nigeria’s National Identity System. On the flip side, the National Identification Number or NIN is an 11 digit number assignable to all legal residents and citizens of Nigeria without any age restrictions.


Can I print another NIN slip if I lose mine?


Yes, you can reprint another NIN slip should you lose it. However, you need to pay N500 on their platform or at a bank near you. After that, you can proceed to tender the payment slip at a NIMC centre and request to have them print another slip for you.


Bottom line


It is important that you know how to check if your National ID card is ready so you can proceed to collect it. Following the steps we listed above, this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. 


Also, for maximum security, remember to use the YOU ID digital wallet app to store your identity card details to easily tender it during online registrations or KYC Procedures