Having a NIN is non-negotiable for every citizen and legal resident in Nigeria. Due to being 11 digits long, it is easy to forget, especially when you need to provide it during a registration procedure or loan applications. The good news is that there is an easy procedure on how to check NIN number on MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, and even online. Knowing this would ensure you can produce your NIN number anytime without having to carry your slip around. All you need is access to your mobile phone.


How to check NIN Number on MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, and online


Why is NIN important?


At the moment, you practically cannot live properly without having a NIN. This is because it is now linked to virtually all governmental databases, including your bank account and mobile phone. At the moment, you cannot obtain a National e-ID card, drivers’ license, voters’ card, or any other government social benefit without a NIN.  


How to check NIN Number on Airtel, Glo, MTN, and 9mobile


To check your NIN, on any of the major networks in Nigeria, simply follow the steps below:


  • Dial the USSD code *346# on your mobile phone
  • Select option 1 to retrieve NIN
  • Supply the required information and follow the prompt thereafter on the screen


Note that this could only work if the SIM has been registered and linked with a NIN in the past. Also, the process deducts N20 from your airtime balance, therefore, ensure that you have enough or you would not be able to complete the process.


Can I check my NIN number online?


No, you cannot. At the moment, there is no platform that allows you to check your NIN number online. You can only do this through the SIM that the NIN was registered with.


How to check my NIN number online


At the moment, you can only check your NIN on your registered SIM using the USSD code *346#. There is no platform that allows you to check your NIN number online.


How do I link my phone number to NIN?


After enrolment and you have received your NIN, you need to proceed to link your phone number to your NIN to avoid it getting barred. Linking of NIN is required by all network providers including MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo. Read on for a step-by-step approach to how you can link your NIN to numbers from all network providers in Nigeria.


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How to Link your phone number to NIN using the NIMC Mobile app


The NIMC mobile app allows you to connect up to 7 different phone numbers to your NIN at a time. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Download the NIMC Mobile app
  • Select “MY DEVICES” on the home page
  • Click on “ADD MOBILE NUMBER” and supply the number you would like to link
  • An OTP code would be sent to the number which you would supply to complete the process



How to link NIN to MTN numbers


For MTN subscribers, here are the ways you can link your NIN with your MTN phone number:

  • Using the SIM you want to link, simply dial *785#, the supply your NIN following the prompt. You can also dial *785*NIN# and send.
  • Send your National Identification Number through text message to 785
  • Download the myMTN app, login, and supply your NIN number directly.
  • Visit MTN's official website and supply your NIN directly

Watch this video for more info: 



How to link NIN to Airtel numbers


You can link your Nin with your Airtel phone number, ODU digits, and router/MiFi through any of the following means:

  • Dial *121*1# on your phone number and supply your NIN. Lastly, click on the send button
  • If you want to link your ODU digits and router/MiFi, visit Airtel’s official website to get their details and connect them 


Watch these videos for more info:


How to link Airtel ODU digits and router/MiFi:



How to link NIN to Glo numbers


For Glo users, here are the ways you can link your NIN to your phone number:

  • Using the SIM you want to register, dial *109# you would be requested to provide your NIN. You can also simply dial *109*NIN#
  • Visit Glo’s official website and provide your NIN details
  • Lastly, you can send your National Identification Number through text message to 109.


Watch this video for more info: 



How to link your NIN with your 9mobile phone number


As a 9mobile subscriber, you can link your Nin with your 9mobile phone number through any of the following methods:

  • Dial *996# on the SIM you want to register and supply your NIN details
  • Visit 9mobile's official website and submit your NIN directly to get it linked 


Watch this video for more info: 



How do I register for NIN online?


To enrol for your NIN online, follow the steps below:

  • Visit NIMCs’ official website for the pre-enrolment process
  • Supply all the requested information on the pre-enrolment form
  • Print out a summary sheet that contains a 2D Barcode in it

After completing this process, you would need to take the sheet to a registered NIMC enrolment centre for data capture and processing. Keep in mind that you can only complete this process once in a lifetime.

Also, read more on how to apply for NIN registration online.


How to store your NIN securely using YOU ID


YOU ID is Africa’s number 1 digital ID wallet that allows you to store important identity documents like your NIN, BVN, National e-ID, and more to carry along wherever you go. Using YOU ID saves you the hassle of always having to carry important documents around and helps you automatically supply any information needed during online registrations directly off the app.

Here is how it works:



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How do I find my NIN?


You need to go through and complete the enrolment process to receive your NIN. This process involves the pre-enrolment on NIMC’s website and then proceeding to any registered centre to complete the enrolment process.


However, if you have completed the registration in the past but forgotten your NIN, simply dial *364# on the registered line to retrieve it.



Bottom line


Following the steps we discussed above, you can easily check your NIN on any network provider in Nigeria as it is now a very important data for KYC registrations. However, keep in mind that these processes cost N20 per session. A better way to save all your important identity documents and make them securely accessible anytime is by downloading the YOU ID app. You can manage your documents and access them anytime at no cost using the YOU ID app.