Lately, there have been several complaints from Kenyans losing their ID Cards. This guide on how to replace lost ID card in Kenya is one of the easiest guides you will find on the internet. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of losing or damaging your ID, it's essential to follow a guide for replacement. Losing one's ID is a distressing experience, and the first step to take is promptly reporting the incident to either a police station or a Huduma center.


By reporting the loss, you will obtain a police abstract, which can be crucial in proving your innocence if your lost ID is misused for unlawful activities. This article provides you with an easy step-by-step guide on how to replace lost ID card in Kenya.


How do I Replace a Lost or Damaged ID Card in Kenya?


In Kenya, the responsibility for ID card registration and issuance lies with the National Registration Bureau. This bureau not only handles the initial registration process but also provides a means for Kenyans to replace lost or damaged IDs. The bureau has offices situated within the County Commissioners offices or chiefs camps, where individuals can go to replace their IDs.


Alternatively, individuals can also visit any Huduma Centre across the country to replace a lost ID. The Huduma Centre is considered the most convenient option as it offers a comprehensive range of services all in one place.


How to Replace Lost ID Card in Kenya at an Huduma Centre


There are two primary methods available for applying for a replacement ID card in Kenya if it is lost or damaged:


How to Replace Lost ID Card in Kenya at a Huduma Centre:


One option is to visit any Huduma Centre to apply for a replacement ID card. This centralized facility offers the convenience of accessing various government services in a single location.


Another approach is to acquire the replacement ID card from the District Officer's Office. This office serves as a local administrative center and provides assistance for replacing lost or damaged ID cards.


You can replace lost ID card in Kenya in this simple easy way:


  1. Visit a nearby Huduma Centre in your area.
  2. At the Huduma Centre, you will be directed to the police desk to obtain a police abstract.
  3. Present the police abstract at the registration desk.
  4. Pay a processing fee of Kshs 100 and receive a receipt as confirmation of payment.
  5. Fill in the ID replacement form accurately with the required information.
  6. Your biometric data, including fingerprints and a passport photo, will be collected for verification purposes. All the details will be recorded in the database.
  7. You will be given a waiting card, which serves as a temporary identification while your new ID is being processed. The processing time is approximately 10 days.
  8. On the day of ID collection, remember to bring the waiting card and present it to receive your new ID.


Please note: The initial application for an ID can only be done at the National Registration Bureau offices, which are located throughout the country. Huduma Centres solely provide duplicate IDs or replacement services.


Moreover, the Huduma after replacement of a lost ID card, the Huduma Namba is also responsible for verifying the ID Kenya number


How to Replace Lost ID Card in Kenya from District Officers Office


Here is how  to apply for Lost or Damaged Kenyan ID from District Officers Office


1. Obtain Police Abstract


  • Visit your nearest police station and report your missing or lost ID card and your intention to get a duplicate Id.
  • Provide your personal details and information on the circumstances under which you lost your ID.
  • Obtain a police abstract that you will use at the District Officers Office. This abstract will also help you transact business as you await for your new ID.
  • The police abstract is issued free of charge and is produced immediately.


2. Make ID Replacement Application in District Officers Office


  • To begin the process of renewing your ID or replacing lost ID in Kenya, visit the nearest District Officer office. Remember to bring along your Police Abstract form as it is required for the application. Complete the provided application form accurately to request a duplicate national identity card.
  • Ensure that all the details on the form are filled out correctly, without any mistakes. The completed form will be submitted to the office of the District Officer responsible for handling duplicate IDs. Here, the information provided on the form will be carefully examined and verified. Once verified, the District Officer will sign the form. 
  • If the form passes this stage, the applicant's fingerprints and a passport-size photograph will be taken. These will be sent along with the form to the relevant offices responsible for creating national identity cards.
  • Upon successful submission, you will be issued a waiting card that can be used temporarily as a national identity card while you await the processing of your new ID. The processing time may take up to one month. You can check the status of your Kenyan ID card.
  • Once the allotted time has passed, return to the center where you submitted your application to collect your national identity card.


Replacing a lost ID Card in Kenya is an easy process if you can follow these easy steps on how to replace lost ID card in Kenya. An individual's identity card  is an important document that shows one as a citizen of a particular country. Hence, every Kenyan citizen must learn how to apply for Kenyan ID card.


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