Did you know that 10 to 15% of all degree certificates in Kenya may be falsified or fraudulent? According to Dr. Juma Mukhwana, the Director-General of KNQA, approximately one in every three Kenyans possesses a counterfeit academic document.  The New York Times highlighted this concern in 2015 when it reported on a lucrative industry involving 3,300 "diploma mills'' that operated worldwide, selling certificates at various certification levels. As an employer, this is a good reason to learn how to verify a degree certificate in Kenya.


Besides, verifying a degree certificate in Kenya is an important aspect of KYE as it ensures a secure employee onboarding process.  In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to verify a degree certificate in Kenya. Whether you're an employer, an educational institution, or an individual seeking to validate your own credentials, join us on this enlightening journey as we explain the process of how to verify a degree certificate in Kenya.

Which Body is Responsible for the Verification of a Degree Certificate in Kenya?


The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) is the body responsible for degree verification in Kenya. In an effort to combat the prevalence of fake certificates, the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA), a government organization responsible for standardizing education, training, assessment, and quality assurance of qualifications in Kenya, has introduced a new reporting system. This system aims to address the issue of forged certificates across the country.


Moreover, the British Council, Kenya in Nairobi can also verify a degree certificate. However it is  responsible for verifying and authenticating only the copies of any original school or university degree issued by an institution or a professional body, that is academic qualifications only. So, if you are looking for how to verify a degree certificate in Kenya issued by your university, the British Council, Kenya in Nairobi might be your next stop.

In considering how to verify a degree certificate in Kenya, please note that the British Council does not verify the following:


  • IETLS Test report forms
  • Work or Employment IDS
  • Online Printouts
  • Non-academic certificates
  • Letter of appointments
  • Any type of letter


What is the Procedure of Verifying a Degree Certificate in Kenya?


To validate or confirm the authenticity of education certificates in Kenya, it is essential to follow the appropriate steps. Here is a guide on how to verify a degree certificate in Kenya:


How to Verify a Degree Certificate in Kenya  In-Person:


1. Visit the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) offices or their website to initiate the application process.


2. At the KNEC offices, you will receive an Application for Statement of Examination Result form, which needs to be completed. Alternatively, you can download the form from the KNEC website.


3. Fill out the application form, stating the reason for the request and provide the postal address of the institution or organization requesting the verification.


4. Ensure you attach the following documents to the application form before submission:


  • For equation of primary school certificates belonging to minors, include the original certificates and birth certificate (these will be returned after verification).Results slips photocopies are acceptable for all examinations except for CPE & KCPE. 
  • If a copy of the certificate or results slip is missing, obtain an introduction letter from the school and a certified copy of the results printout for the specific year from your former school/college. For private candidates and schools that have closed, contact the County Directors or Sub-County Directors.
  • For modular courses (Business, Technical, and SNE), attach copies of results slips for all modular courses to confirm the results.


5. Application Charges:

The charges for an Application for Statement of Examination Result by KNEC are as follows:

  • Within Kenya: Ksh 2,320 
  • Outside Kenya: Ksh 3,480

Statements are usually dispatched through registered mail at no additional cost. However, if you prefer courier services, charges will be based on the distance of the destination. You will be responsible for covering the extra cost. Fax services are also available for an additional fee:

Fax within Kenya: Ksh 928 Fax outside Kenya: Ksh 1,392


6. Payments should be made to the General Transactions account using the KNEC deposit slips available at the following banks:

(i) Cooperative Bank of Kenya Ltd: 01136030120307

(ii) National Bank of Kenya Ltd: 01001-60314300 

(iii) Kenya Commercial Bank: 1116686937 

(iv) Equity Bank: 047-0294988491


7. After making the payment, forward the deposit slip along with the Application for Statement of Examination Result to KNEC.

  • It is advised not to pay for the equation service until your documents are verified by the Kenya National Examinations Council.
  • Deposits for certificate equation are valid only if submitted to KNEC within twelve (12) months after banking.


8. Mailing Address: If you are not applying in person at the KNEC offices, send your application to the following address:

Chief Executive Officer, Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), P. O. Box 73598- 00200 City Square, Nairobi.


9. Statements are normally dispatched through registered mail at no extra cost. If you prefer courier services, charges will apply based on the distance of the destination. You will be responsible for covering the additional cost.


How long does it take to Verify a Degree Certificate in Kenya?


The processing and dispatch of statements take approximately 10 working days. However, older examinations may require more time.


What are the Requirements for Verifying a Degree Certificate in Kenya?


As an employer based in Kenya, If the question of how to verify a degree certificate in Kenya has been a concern to you, here is a simple guide on how to verify a degree certificate in Kenya. This process sure works for any university degree certificate.

1.) Please provide your original National Identification card or passport for verification.

2.) Kindly bring your school leaving certificate.

3.) Candidates who took the 2018 KCSE exams must submit their certificates, not result slips.

4.) Make sure to photocopy both sides of your academic certificates.

5.) For polytechnics and technical institutions, please submit your leaving certificates along with the diploma transcripts.

6.) University degree certificates must be accompanied by the relevant transcripts, unless obtained from local universities before 1984.

7.) If you have traveled abroad, please attach photocopies of your passport pages showing departure from Kenya and entry into other countries.

8.) All certification cases must be presented in person. If submitting on behalf of someone else, please provide proof of authority from the owner, along with the original identity card of the person making the submission.

9.) Parents must present all documents for underage children, including proof of the birth certificate.


How do I Verify other Documents in Kenya?


The ministry of foreign and diaspora affairs is responsible for the authentication or verification of other documents such as academic, marriage, adoption, and birth certificates among others.


What are the Benefits of Verifying a Degree Certificate in Kenya?


  1. Verifying degree ensures due diligence and regulatory compliance are met.
  2. The verifier has the ability to access and verify certificates in real-time, with the convenience of using a web browser from any location.
  3. Utilizing an automated certificate verification system allows for efficient utilization of resources.
  4. It helps detect fraud
  5. Verifying a degree certificate reduces fraud
  6. Verifying a degree certificate spurs companies to conduct employee background checks which ensures an employee is who he/she claim to be
  7. The online certificate verification system offers an enhanced security model, surpassing the vulnerable security of traditional systems.


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