Among the several reasons why your SASSA SRD status can show "Identity Verification Failed," one is that your name, surname, or ID number couldn't be matched with the Home Affairs database. However, diagnosing the exact reason is a problem for many due to how confusing troubleshooting can be.


Essentially, many individuals in South Africa ask several questions, like - what does an ‘identity verification failed’ status mean? and how can I pass my SASSA r350 identity verification? among others. We understand the possible frustration and questions that may arise while troubleshooting these problems and have compiled detailed answers to them.


Identity verification has become a big deal today as it helps to prevent cyber fraud. This article answers all your questions on identity verification for SASSA.


What does ‘Identity Verification Failed Sassa’ mean? 


"Identity Verification Failed" simply means SASSA can’t match your information with what the Department of Home Affairs has.


The SASSA—South African Social Security Agency—is saddled with the responsibility of providing social security services like SRD grants to citizens of South Africa, asylum seekers, refugees, and special permit holders.  


SRD  COVID-19 SRD (social relief of distress) grants include Covid-19 grants. It is given to people between 18 and 60 years of age who don't:


  • Have any means of survival.
  • Have no financial support from any source.
  • Receive social grants 
  • Are not eligible for UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) payments.


For SASSA to provide this fund support, it needs to carry out an identity verification process for the beneficiaries.


Beneficiaries are required to provide details such as ID number, and bank details. SASSA sometimes cannot verify this information provided with that of the Department of Home Affair because of mismatched identities or delay from their bank.

Hence, the beneficiaries cannot be paid the grants. So, you get a rejection message that reads: ‘Identity Verification Failed’ 


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What is the SASSA Identity Verification Process?


SASSA runs your name, surname and ID number through Home Affairs for accurate matching. 


What three methods are used for SASSA Identity Verification? 


There are several identity verification methods, however, SASSA uses: 



What happens if SASSA identity verification is unsuccessful?


If your SASSA identity verification status reads ‘Unsuccessful’, or ‘Identity Verification failed’ it means that the information you provided when you registered does not match your information with the Department of Home Affairs.


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What to do If your SASSA Status reads “Identity verification failed” 


If your identity verification fails, you should ensure you appeal on the SASSA website within 30 days when you get a rejection status. 

Beneficiaries should appeal every month if their SASSA Identity verification fails, if not the status will remain the same for the other months.


How to Appeal for SRD Grant with SASSA- Simple way to submit an Appeal for SRD Grant


Step 1: Visit the new SRD appeal website.-


Step 2:  Input your identity number


Step 3: Input the phone number you used when you applied.


Step 4: Click “Send Pin”. A pin will be sent to your phone number via SMS


Step 5:  Enter Pin in the Pin field


Step 6: Select “Submit”


Step 7: Choose the month you are applying for


Step 8:  Choose the reason you are appealing from the drop-down menu


Step 9: Click on “Submit”


How Long does SASSA Verification take?


SASSA Identity verification for banks can take up to seven working days, although it has no time frame. 

So, you will need to be patient while SASSA verifies your Identity with your bank.


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